Critique with Video Editing

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Do you have any thoughts on how the media influences our perception of ourselves or others?  Does a product really do what it says it can do?  Would you love to include a critiqued and edited version of the video/advertisement in one of your assignments as a final product?

Consider Media Breaker.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.22.06 AM

The website is free and offers suggestions to help ensure copyright and fair use are not violated.

Below is a link to the site along with a review of the program.  Do you have to use it?  No.  I suggest you check it out, play with it this summer, and see if it is something that can be part of your curriculum.

Personally, I think this could be a fun way to tie a lesson together that requires students to analyze information or data and to give their opinions through a critique on a topic or issue while using technology through video editing.  Not all, but some students are intimidated by actually creating a video from “scratch”.  They may think they are not creative enough or lack the skills to do it.  This program offers students the opportunity to work with something that already exists and looks professional.

To learn more, visit MediaBreaker Review.

Consider also visiting MediaBreaker – YouTube Channel.

If you think you are interested in using it this year or would prefer a small group of students use it, let me know.  I can try to help you.






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